Kyle Kalenak

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Kyle has studied guitar from an early age. He has had many teachers, one being the guitar virtuoso David Brandon and was in the Texas Tech Guitar Ensemble, while studying with David Brandon (David Brandon played with Christopher Parking, Dave Brubeck and Chet Atkins. He was also a student of master Andres Segovia).

Kyle Kalenak has been teaching guitar and beginner piano for four years.Right out of high school he was hired at West Texas Music Academy and has been at N-Tune for three years. He has studied music at Odessa College and has been part of all their musical ensembles; concert band,jazz band, choir and classical guitar ensemble. He studied piano under concert pianist Gayle Spradley Bizzell and has passed a piano proficiency test at Texas Tech University.

Kyle regularly plays live in West Texas. He has played over 50 solo guitar concerts. Kyle been in many bands from Rock to Jazz to R&B. He is a member of the Stevens Silva Quartet and he has composed some jazz charts for the ensemble. He also plays in the Apoyando Classical Guitar Quartet, comprised of the classical guitar teachers and professors in Midland and Odessa.

Kyle is proficient on piano, bass and guitar, as well as music theory. He is also proficient in many musical styles and is currently recording a classical guitar album.